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What We’re All About

Cosmic Prana is an organic and natural food business founded in 2019. We offer a wide range of high vibrational organic and natural products including A2 ghee, honey, himalayan salt, jaggery, spices, herbs, dry fruits, edible oils and other super foods. 

Consuming Saatvik and pure  food has been an integral part of leading a  healthy and spiritual  lifestyle.

Ancient traditional methods of growing, preparing and consuming food as prescribed by our rishis included treating the food with love and respect as  "Anna Devata"  at every stage from growing the food to it's consumption.


Modern methods of agriculture  emphasize on maximizing yield through excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides. Continued  use of fertilizers and pesticides not only adversrly impacts the long term fertility of  the soil , but this practice also  pollutes the environment  and the food itself with toxins, the long term use  potentially harmful to health.


A new momentum to get back to the ancient traditional way of farming and processing food using natural methods without using pesticides and fertilizers Have  been growing for the last few years. Food grown and processed through these methods, often  referred  to as Organic food is not only good for the environment, but also good for overall health.


Our business is inspired by a desire to serve people by making them available food  products which  are pure, natural, toxin free, nourishing, fairly traded, sustainably sourced, and infused with healing vibrations, bringing to life the ancient Ayurvedic principle of “Amritasya Bhojanam”, delicious food rich in life nourishing energy.

We aim to go Beyond Organic by infusing the products we offer with positive cosmic healing vibrations making them healthy for body, mind and spirit.


Our high vibrational Pure Source food products are infused with healing cosmic energy through ancient Vedic methods including healing sounds, chants, healing light and sacred geometric patterns.

Our Core Values

We are guided by the following core values

Integrity: We strive to serve our customers with integrity, delivering products of the highest quality and exceptional  customer service meeting or exceeding what we promise.


Competence: Our products, suppliers and resources are carefully selected through intensive research and due diligence to make sure they effectively bring the intended lifestyle benefits to our customers.


Conscious Capitalism: We always strive to work in the best interest of all our stakeholders including our customers, suppliers, employees, investors and the society and environment at large.

Our Mission and Objectives

Provide people pure organic food that is Saatvik, free of toxins, delicious, nourishing and infused with healing vibrations to help them eat and live healthy, 

Help people lead a holistically healthy lifestyle by providing  pure, natural, toxin free, nourishing, medicinal, fairly traded and sustainably sourced food, botanicals and other health tools infused with healing energy.

Help support farmers livelihoods through organic farming.

We are inspired by doing our part in helping protect the environment through supporting farmers engaged in  organic farming without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides  which pollute the environment and contaminate the food with toxins.


Our Advisers, Guides and Teachers

The teacher is like a lamp that lights up the path.

"Gurustu diipavan maarga darsakah"

Our process of infusing cosmic healing energy and vibrations into our food products, has been chalked down and blessed by spiritual guides and teachers.

Shri Rivesh Vade 

Our guide for usage of sounds in energizing food products. We are using his sound recordings and bowl playing recordings, including the ones custom made for CosmicPrana.

Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath and Ma Shakti Devpriya

They providing teachings about working with elements, Tatvas and other methods.

Sri Siva Premananda

Sri Siva Premananda belongs to Tamil Siddha Parampara that starts from Mahadeva Lord Siva.

Dr. Rohini H D

Dr. Rohini is a qualified Ayurvedic medical practitioner. We are honored to have her on-board into our advisory board. She guides us with benefits of herbs that we have in our portfolio.