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Naada Yantra by Cosmic Prana : Reviews by our guiding lights

Featured Products

Protection Shield Yantra
Pitru Ascension Yantra
Turmeric Latte - Golden Milk Mix
7 Chakra Herbal Tea with 21 Herbs (tea bags)
7 Chakra Herbal Tea with 21 Herbs (loose tea)
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Who Are We?

CosmicPrana is engaged in promoting Indian spiritual and ancient vedic concepts & their use towards purifying our food, environments, premises, and for holistic wellbeing. It is working towards facilitating creation of positively energizing high vibrational environment by use of potent healing sounds, vedic mantras, yantra's, healing light & sacred geometry.

Our business is inspired by a desire to serve people by making them available products which enhance positive and high vibrations. These are our Naada Yantra's, Pure Source Organic food products and upcoming Bindu Yantra's. 

Our Naada Yantra's uses divine potent mantra chant in Siddha masters voice and convert these to healing Naada vibrations providing purification and protective environment. 


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Our Mission and Values

Help people lead a holistically healthy high vibrational lifestyle by providing yantra devices, healthy food products and 
other health tools infused with healing energy.

Our Guiding Light

Our process to convert potent energy mantra into Naada healing and protective vibrations have been guided
by our spiritual teachers. Similarly the process to infuse healing energy into  food has been implemented
using scientific teachings of our spiritual teachers. Herbs presented by us are backed by extreme knowledge 
of our consultant ayurvedic doctor.

Get in Touch

Plot No-20, Sri  Channakeshava Layout, Kodathi To Huskur Main Road, Carmelaram Post, Kodathi Village,
Bangalore, Karnataka, PIN-560035, India

Write to us @                    Call us @ +91-9606200590, +91-9632327917 

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