Tiruambalam Spiritiual Progress Naada Yantra (Coming Soon)

CosmicPrana is engaged in promoting Indian spiritual and ancient vedic concepts & their use
towards purifying our food, environments, premises, and for holistic wellbeing. 
It is working towards facilitating creation of positively energizing high vibrational 
environment by use of potent healing sounds, vedic mantras, yantra's, healing light & 
sacred geometry.

Naada Tattwa

Naada is sound, devoid of particularities such as letters. It is a movement of perfection of energy waves to a particular Iccha (intention or sankalpa). Naada is Sadasiva Tattva and Sakti Tattva -It is the first product of Siva-Shakthi union.

Naada is the first beginning movement - Sakti fills the whole Universe with Nadanta through Naada, Nadanta and Mahanada are stages in the action (Spanda) of Naada and When Naada morphs itself to manifest sound, it becomes Nirodhini. Nada is dominant in Action (Kriyasaktirupa= Siva-Sakti)- Sakti Tattva presents itself as Nada .

Hence, by entering into Naada, one aligns, heals, and corrects the environmental energy and the inner consciousness by removing the impurities and negativities and establishing divine peace and ananda.

Naad Yantra Device

The Naad Yantra Device works at the subtle level of existence, beyond the physical and aims to directly improve the physical and subtle aspects of life.  This device creates positive divine vibrations and influences which are healing, purifying and provide protection against hostile forces. These vibrations clear the environment of negative influences of all kind and of chaotic electromagnetic radiation.

Mantra chant in the voice of a Siddha carries his blessings and invoke the blessing energy of the deity of the mantra.  This by intention is amplified by the Yantra printed and directed towards the intended purpose .This device works to propagate the sound frequency of Mantra as inaudible divine vibrations/Naada.

Customization of the Yantra towards any specific individual is done by fixing their name, photo or horoscope on the empty space on yantra label or by placing it next to the device. This device can be played in the audible mode or inaudible (silent mode) using a switch. The impact is same in both the modes.