Himalayan Dark Pink Salt (Free Flow) + Jaggery

Benefits of PureSource Organics Himalayan Pink Salt*


  • 100% Natural Pink Salt from the Himalayas
  • Use as a healthy alternative to table salt, with beneficial trace minerals
  • Infused with healing vibrations which significantly enhance its beneficial effects.
  • Contains 84 essential minerals required by human body
  • Promotes a healthy pH balance of the body
  • Aids in digestion and helps with detoxification
  • Supports better sleep and a healthy respiratory system​.


Benefits of PureSource Organics Certified Organic Jaggery*

  • Wholesome, healthy and delicious alternative to white sugar

  • Pure, No Preservatives, Rich Aroma and Delicious

  • Infused with healing vibrations which significantly enhance its beneficial effects. 

  • Highly nutritious as it contains minerals and antioxidants

  • Consuming Jaggery after meals helps improve digestion

  •  Helps remove toxins from the body

  •  Dissolve in hot water to create a syrup base for various dessert recipes

Himalayan Dark Pink Salt (Free Flow) + Jaggery

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  • Himalayan Dark Pink Salt - 1KG , infused with healing vibrations.

    Jaggery - 1KG , infused with healing vibrations.