7 Chakra Rejuvenating Green Tea with 12 Immunity Boosting Herbs

Pure Source Organics' 7 Chakra Green Tea (100gms) is prepared with infusion of select ayurvedic herbs which

support holistic body health, aid chakra balance and restore Tatvik harmony to associated body organs.


Ayurvedic Herbs are rich sources of natural bioactive compounds & emit a unique

vibrational frequency. These vibrational qualities of herbal plants assist in balancing,

healing and energizing the body and seven main chakras.

The 5 Tatvik elements of herbs are purified and enhanced & the herbs are infused with prayers, vibrations of

crystals, positive sounds, tatva shapes and sacred geomtertic patterns.


Detoxify and rejuvenate yourself with our special Herbal Green Tea.

Ingredients of our Herbal Tea are listed below.


Green tea leaves, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Ginger, Aprajita, Lemongrass, Arjun, Tulsi, Rosemary,

Bhringraj, Mint, C