Himalayan Pink salt as a healthier alternative to regular table salt

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Meaning and its relevance :

Himalayan salt is one of the most valuable food additives, as it is the healthiest, purest salts. It originates from the Himalayan caves. Even nowadays, it is manually removed from caves, and washed afterward. Himalayan salt is mined from the Salt range mountains, the southern edge of a fold-and-thrust belt that underlies the Pothohar Plateau south of the Himalayas

This is the most healing salt in the world and it can treat several diseases. It is the most alkaline substance available on the earth. The right salt in the right amount is good for health.  

Preparation :

It is first dried in the sun and then placed in organic bags, in order to preserve its properties and purity. It has a strong flavor, so you will significantly reduce the daily intake of salt, as Himalayan salt is used in smaller amounts.

History :

Its numerous beneficial properties have been recognized and appreciated for ages. The first records of mining are from the Janjua people in the 1200s.[6] Himalayan salt is mostly mined at the foothills of the Salt Range hill system in the Punjab province of the Pakistan to the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

Mineral Composition :

Himalayan Pink Salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron, so it does more than just make your food taste better. It reduces acid reflex respiratory problems and improves absorption of nutrients in the food.

Benefits :

Consumption Benefits

Due to its innumerate health benefits, it is also known as white gold, and they are listed below:

It normalizes the digestive processes and  metabolismImproves blood circulation and promotes heart healthPurifies and detoxifies the bloodRegulates blood sugar level and prevents diabetesRegulating the level of electrolytes and water in the bodyRegulating the level of electrolytes and water in the bodyIt can be used for inhalation in the treatments of asthma, sore throat, sinus problems, bronchitisTreats issues of the respiratory tract, especially the sinusesPrevents muscle crampsRegenerates brain cells and improves concentration and sleepStrengthens the bones, particularly in childrenBalances the pH of the cellsSupports the function of the liver and kidneysPrevents dehydration of the organism and it is easily absorbedEnhances mood provides energy and promotes positive thinkingPrevents agingIt causes no negative effects on the body organs, like stomach or kidneys.

Skin will absorb all the minerals, stabilize the bio-points, and you will be full of energy.

Other Benefits :

Himayan Salt Lamp Reduces the harmful electromagnetic radiation and hence kept be kept near electronic gadgets.Can be used for Salt Bath and has medicinal benefits especially for legs, joints, wounds, etc.,


For skin related issues, exfoliate the skin, to open the pores and help the absorption of minerals, add 100g of it in 3l of water, cool the mixture, and use it during the day.In the case of sinuses, you should add a small teaspoon of Himalayan salt in ½ l water, and with a syringe, mix the solution. As soon as the salt crystals are deposited on the bottom of the container, the salt has stopped dissolving, and you can use it. Spray in both nostrils and you will immediately begin breathing better.For ear infection, use the same saline solutionTo treat nausea due to traveling, soak a cloth in this salt and place it around the neck.To treat a sore throat, gargle with saline solution, but you should not swallow it.To treat foot fungus, soak the feet in a saline solution.

Himalayan Salt lamp

Comparison between Normal Salt and Pink Salt


Overall, these pink Himalayan salt benefits come from the natural Salt’s ability to promote proper and natural hydration to our body. Diets high in sodium from processed food have led our bodies forgotten

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